Meet Jess!

Jessica Weaver, CFP®, CDFA™, CFS® is a Wealth Advisor, who focuses her work on women like you. Jess found herself on a mission to help more women gain control, clarity, and confidence over their finances and the next chapter of their life. Her focus is on women nearing retirement or in retirement to help guide them through their money concerns, questions, and emotions. Most of the women Jess works with have done a good job saving money, but are missing the link to creating a retirement income from it.

“In retirement, every dollar needs to have its purpose and to maximize every opportunity out there.” –Jessica Weaver.

After witnessing both of her grandmother’s struggle with retirement, running out of money, and dealing with the aftermath of their estates, Jess knew she had to take a stance. She began running workshops and events to help women gain control over their money before it is too late. In 2018, Jess founded the Strong Retirement Club to fix the increasing issue most women in retirement face…their lack of trust. She wants every women who comes into her world to gain the trust in themselves to live their fullest life without any regrets.

Jess has been on this mission since 2015 when she started hosting events for women, building a community to help, guide, and encourage women, which led to the start of her blog: Not Your Father’s Advisor. After Jess saw the increasing views to her popular blog, she knew there was a bigger need to make a topic like money more approachable to women. In 2017, Jess decided to write her #1 Best Selling book: Strong Woman Stronger Assets, while being pregnant with her first daughter.

Through her online presence, blog, her book, and her Strong Retirement Club, she is able to touch more lives than she ever thought possible and help them elevate their life to the next level. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your life and to help with your own transformation.

“It is my life mission to educate, encourage, and transform women's lives. And maybe have some fun along the way.” Jessica Weaver

Jess’s NEW book, TIME to REFINE is now available! Join the Time to Refine, a STRONG Woman’s Guide to Retiring on Her Own Terms book launch team!

meet our #pinkfix community!

Company’s Values:

  • Educate women above all else!

  • Support other female business owners.

  • God first, family second, community third...that is just how we roll!

  • Always show women our excitement, love, and gratitude for working with them.

  • Help women live their best lives by committing to their goals with them.

  • Embrace innovation!

  • Be compassionate because we don’t know where someone else is coming from. Never judgement.

  • Maintain vision and integrity with every opportunity.

Company’s Culture:

  • There is always a #pinkfix behind any dark cloud, bumpy road, or tough time.

  • Always celebrate the women in our community, their successes, and our anniversaries together.

  • Start each event by popping a cork!

  • Community, confidence, control.

  • Maintain passion, fun, and excitement with each task.

  • Community of safety and trust.

Executive Summary:

We are here to help and support women with their money first and with their lives second. We will always educate women in regards to their finances and money decisions. We accomplish this by giving them the information they need, help them understand the information, build their beliefs in themselves, and the trust that they can do it. Our community is here to bring women together who are going through a similar time in their lives, to give them confidence with their money, and control over their lives. We do this through our events and workshops, club membership, and by supporting other female business owners.