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Ready for your money Empire?

learn about our new Money Action Plan Session

with Jessica Weaver

Join Jess as she dives into your money makeup, gives you the tools to redirect your money behaviors, and leave with strategies to bring your money to the next level!

“My commitment to YOU during our group LIVE session together is for you to walk away with at least 3 tangible strategies to start utilizing right away with your money! During our time together, we will cover the 3 BIGGEST problems women face with their money.

  1. Haphazard Money Management!

  2. Insecurity around their money decisions!

  3. Disconnect with your spouse about money.

EVENT Information:pick from one of the following dates

August 21st from 12-2 pm via ZOOM

August 27th from 7-9 pm via ZOOM

September 5th from 12-2 pm via ZOOM

*Session will be recorded!

Here are just some of the bonuses women have experienced from my Money Action Plan systems:

  1. Saving money will now be a habit, not just something you want to do at some point in your life! Your savings will grow quicker, your income will be more efficient to fund your life, and you will be spending money with more intention.

  2. You will be actively paying off debt in an efficient manner! People don’t realize the thousands of dollars being wasted on their debt interest, even while they are paying their balances off. By utilizing one of several techniques, you will finally have a plan to get rid of your debt quicker while saving money!

  3. You will earn more money. When you have a place to put your income, you will be encouraged to go out and earn more. People can sense when money is tight, you come across as desperate instead of leading from your heart. When your own financial house is in order, you will be able to ask for more money with confidence, knowing what your true value is!

  4. Your children will learn from your example. Instead of money being a negative topic in your household, it will now be a positive one, one to celebrate. You’ll be able to show your children how good it can be when you plan out your money and decisions. Every child is picking up on what their parents do with money, and usually the parents still feel like they don’t know what they are doing with their own money. Now you will finally feel confident to teach your children how to create a solid financial foundation!

  5. Each spouse will become financially independent in one way, which reduces the added stress to your relationship. Both spouses are equal in the decisions, the burden is no longer on one of the spouses. This leave more time for fun conversations instead of dealing with the money stress.

  6. If you are action takers, you will hit your goals faster, and have so much to celebrate as a couple and family. The more efficient your money is being managed, the more money is left for the family to do things together while also saving more!

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