Ready for your next move in life?

Then it is time to grab your #pinkfix!

Why #pinkfix?

With our #pinkfix, you will learn our Money Makeover tools, tips, and secrets to level up your life!

In times of crisis, women tend to want to hide and pretend everything is ok! But it is during those moments, when you need to reach out and ask for help! There is always a safe place for you to go, there is always someone who wants to help, and it is up to you to take the first step to join our movement! We can’t wait to meet you!

we celebrated our #pinkfix movement on May 17th! And it was such a huge hit, we are keeping the momentum going all summer long! Follow us on facebook and instagram to see where our next event will be!

What is National #pinkfix Day?

Our #pinkfix Movement is about…

  • Transformation, change, & level up 

  • Financial control, stability, confidence, security, freedom, & stability

  • Value, self-worth, & net-worth

  • Mindset, beliefs, & behaviors

  • Strong, confident, fabulous, courageous, inspiring, & encouraging

What is next?

Building your money empire, because every strong woman needs to rule her queendom! And you my friend, are a strong women!

National Pinkfix Day is a day to help women gain awareness not just about their money, but the many opportunities out their to level up their lives. It is a day to put aside our masks, and be real about what is going on with our money, baggage, secrets, and all!

*Read more about National #pinkfix Day on the National Archives Calendar.